Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Rumbling

Before you read further, this entry is really very randam, lots of words but not talking about anything in particular. I'm just rambling

I'm in a blogging mood, but with all that thoughts and sentiments going on at the same time, really dun know where to start or how I should even go about it

Lately I have been rather occupied with a few things, that's why haven't been meeting friends for a while. Gosh, sure miss them. Yah, friends are important, I cherish friends, so even if haven't catch up for a while, will still keep them in mind...... or message them etc. Yah, I'm a message person, dun like calls. And of course, to catch up once I can.

Somehow, I have an overwhelming mixture of emotions which is not conclusive. Can't decide what it is. I'm very joyful, nothing in particular makes me very joyful, except the kind of joy mentioned in the bible. I'm nervous too, because tomorrow I've got a presentation.

Oh, I'm totally sad about this year's mother's day. Planned for a big surprised, but things din happen. I'm a little lost about it........... no, have to make up somehow

Many things has happened lately which made me think through many many stuffs. I like the way life experiences make us smarter, wiser and more discerning. I love how they chisel our personalities and constantly build us.

Btw, I've got a new passport. It looks like a big IC pasted on a booklet. Cool

And yah, rock is looking for me. I'm supposed to contact him. Oops, slip my mind. better call soon :)