Friday, June 29, 2007


You see that new banner on the right panel of my blog? Yups, that the new blog shop in town.

It does some of the coolest customised cards . If you're thinking of getting some thoughtful nice stuffs for your friends, you can consider popping by here.

Designer product at a friendly price, can't miss this one out.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bi Guan Xui Lian

I'm really glad this period of bi guan xui lian will be over soon because I really missed my dear friends. Haven't seen them for so long..................

This sem has been more busy then others, but this period has also been fruitful and well spent. The cocoon has turned into a butterfly


Setting - At some provision shop

Customer: Do you sell Car................

Cashier (stretched her hand towards the stack of car parking coupon while waiting for the customer to complete the sentence)

Customer: Car puang (bolster)

Cashier: -_-"'


I've been sporting slightly wavy hair for quite a while until one fine day, I decided to straighten it. I went for magic straight instead of the usual rebonding because the former only last for two months. I dun want to keep my hair so straight for too long.

After 6 months, I wonder why my hair is still so straight. Then I realised, of course lah, i'm born with straight hair mah, duh

Thursday, June 14, 2007


RQ: Close the door, wait the air-con will run out har.

Me: Air-con got legs to run out meh? :P

RQ: -_-"'

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sashimi and Mi

I remember watching some chef serving fish raw on some TV cooking show when I was a kid and thought that was so gross. As a child, I could never imagine eating any animal raw.

Never in my widest dream would I know that someday I actually grow up to be huge lover of raw food, from raw vege to raw fish to beef..........

yah, I prefer salad to cooked vege, and I always insist on having my steak partially cooked. Well done steaks are overdone steaks. And yes, I'm the biggest sashimi fan. In fact, I suspect I'm a sashimi addict. The twist and turns of life events can be amazingly interesting. Imagine falling in love with the very thing I thought was gross.