Friday, December 21, 2007


Dear friends,

As you have probably noticed, I have removed my tagboard. Some irritating people have been spamming in my tagboard so much that it was crowded with spam message. It was practically impossible to have a proper conversation on the tagboard.

So it's back to the usual comments options.

The Professional MIA-der

As small fish always say, I have officially MIAed. I realised that I am really good at being Missing in Action.

Sometimes, an overly packed scheduled can be frightening. So often, I find myself buried in assignments, projects and stuffs....... and before I know it, many many months has passed.

The second half of this year has been expectionally busy. Took on so many things and got my hands so full. Before I know it, its the end of 2007.

Don't get me wrong, I value my friends and cherish friendships trememdously. But thing is, when I'm busy rushing stuff......... everything else sort of just get neglected for a while. In fact, Dad gets worried when he doesn't see me for too long.

This is bad......... very very bad...............

I really need to pay more attention to the people around me. Seriously, I repent :(

I'm never someone one who set resolutions. But for this once, I resolve to pay more attention to my dear friends and family members. Even if we can't find time to meet, pehaps a call or sms will show that I care.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'll be Home for Christmas

I almost missed the Turkey ordering. Been kept busy and my mind was like so occupied........ There are so many things to remember and think of....... so I got distracted and kept putting off the task. Decided to pop by the store and gosh, today is the last day to place an order. Thank God, I got it!!!!!! This is important. My family loves turkey .

Image is Courtesy of

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The stars are having holidays, and the starmakers are busy marking :0

Gosh, I sure miss them.

Psalm 42.Like the deer that yearns...'

Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Color Are You?--

Took this colour from small fish.

I'm Yellow

The color of brightness and sunshine - you sure know how to add color to someones life!

A primary color, the color of sun, life and happiness - you sure do live a wonderful life and possess the unique ability to brighten anyones day with a mere touch.

The color of royalty, smileys and happiness - be proud of being Yellow!

What color are your friends?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Never reject a day in your life.


Good day gives is happiness and Bad day give us experience.

Both are essential to life, therefore....

Don't let a moment past you by without enjoying it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Powered by Caffeine

Been taking two dose of caffeine daily to keep myself awake. Seriously lack sleep lately. Feel energetic and alert, caffeine kept me running. But when the effect of caffeine wears off, I realised how tired I actually am.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Kind of First Impression Do You Make?

You Make a Great First Impression

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Your social connections bring you a full and rich life. You understand how important it is to make a lasting impression.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

No Limbs No Limit

"There will be some good if you hang on." Nick Vujicic

Can anyone imagine what it is like to be born without limbs and yet leading a powerful life. That's Nick Vujicic that we're talking about, a man borned without limbs. He is such an inspiring example of maximising life. If you have the patience, check out this clip at YouTube. They are worth every minute.

I am so amazed by the testimony of Nick Vujicic and I'm excited to hear more about the great work he has been doing. And guess what, he will be in town next week.

Courtesy of

All are invited.

DATE: 2 December 2007 (Sunday)
VENUE: The MAX Pavilion, Singapore Expo Hall 9
TIME: 1.30PM

You can find out more at:

Playing @ Blog

Fairy 22

Click here to play this game

Friday, November 23, 2007

Are You More Cat or Dog?

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At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.
You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Really very very very sleepy.......... all these late night rushing work is making me really exhausted. Hey, I'm a morning person remember.........

I need sleeppppppppppppppp

Yawn............ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Time Of Day Are You?

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All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Rose Represents Your Love?

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As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style.

On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours.

One Thousand Quiz

I'm just too happy that I got many many things done these 2 days. After all that rushing and bearing with the pressure, I finally got the work done. Therefore, I'm just very happy :)

Yay.......... jumping around with joy ^_^

Now, let's see what else I can find on blogthings :)

Inside the Room of Your Soul

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Silence Please

Trying to rush a deadline with all that drilling and hammering noise going on just behind my wall is painfully torturous. Urgh.......

New neighbors renovating. And they have to drill and hammer just when I need to concentrate on my work. It's driving me insane.

Deadline is round the corner and pressure is up to my throat.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was just pondering about how easy it is for others to misinterpret our intentions. It is rather shocking how people can sometimes assume things so differently......... and are so firm that their assumptions are gospel truth.


I also find it hard to understand why there are people who would think that when we do something good for someone, we actually have a hidden agenda or expect something in return in the long term. Seriously, I don't understand that rationale.

Chanced upon this while cruising along:

"Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.."

Yah........ sometimes we just need to do what we need to do, to the best of our ability........ and constantly seek to improve........... and all these, shall be done with the best intention. I guess this is enough. I'm really not very interested in those strange schools of thoughts.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

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This one is very true. I'm curious and gets fascinated very easily

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where Are You?

Tomorrow is 1st Nov 07, a date with significant meaning for me. It marks the entry into a new phase of life for me. Interestingly, I got the following from an email from my CG leader. How timely :)


Where Are You?

This was the first question God asked. (Genesis 3:9).

Did God not know where Adam was? It was a searching question for Adam who was faced with the first impact of sin and disobedience. Adam was hiding from the Lord and was soon to be expelled from the place of paradise.

In the Old Testament, much of God's blessings for His people are tied to the place they were to be in or to go to. Three blessings follow us when we are in the place where God has called us to be.

Firstly, it will be a place of Faith. You will find faith and you will be able to exercise your faith. Faith is what helps us to activate the promises of God for our life.

Secondly, It will be a place of Freedom. You will be able to grow with God's purposes for your life and be released to use your talents and your giftings to be a blessing to others. You will enjoy the anointing, authority and the resources to do your work well.

Thirdly, it will be a place of Fruitfulness. You will be like a "tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." (Psalm 1:3)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Canon in D Major

I really love Cannon in D. It never fail to move me each time I hear it. So many times, I tried to play it

This is a perfect verion:

This guy does it so well on the guitar. Isn't the playing just so cool....

Someday I'm gonna seriously learn how to play it properly......... but I need the score

Friday, October 26, 2007

I Wanna Learn To Play This On The Guitar

Someone teach me please........ no fees offered......... just lots of gratitude (:

Random Rambling

I must be in a blogging mood today........ get every inspiration I need to blog. Hmph....... Little fish, I'm not distracted, but I got stuck writing my assignment.

Yawn...... I'm so sleepy. It's 12.22am and I'm still not resting. Good thing what I am doing is worth the effort. Yah, I am very particular about what I do with my time and life in general. Wanna look back someday and know that I'm done something worthwhile with my life.

Lately, I have been so busy. Really miss my friends

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............. I wanna sleep...............

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Rather disappointed by the little additional info revealed about Dumbledore lately. Erm..... Dumbledore and gay just doesn't click. He looks for like a sentimental old man who has a quiet but touching story about a woman he loves somewhere in the distance past.

Well, if the creator of this story says so......... nothing we can say. Just rather ..... well...... disappointed

Be it Unto Me

Everyday is a new opportunity to become someone better :)

Are You an Atheist, Agnostic or a Believer?

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What's Your Japanese Name?

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Hitomi Masachika

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

You Are Elmo

Sweet and innocent, you expect everyone to adore you. And they usually do!

You are usually feeling: Talkative. You've got tons of stories to tell. And when you aren't talking, you're laughing.

You are famous for: Being popular, though no one knows why. Middle aged women especially like you.

How you life your life: With an open heart. "Elmo loves you!"

Time Of Refreshing

Lately, I was so focus on my assignments and things to do that I lost focus on God. Yah, I confess that I have been missing church. Someone please spank me.

Realised that I really need to realign my perspective.

Finally back to my listening room, told God how much I wanna glorify Him in all that I do, by giving my best, by good work quality......... by living the values the bible has taught............

Friday, October 19, 2007

Someone Tell Me Why

There is a burning question I wish someone would just answer. Why do people like to disturb me? Happens to me all the time. When I'm with a group of friends, the joke is always about me......... erm...... I'm not very funny right?!?!

Don't worry, I honestly dun mind at all. NAh, one has to joke to make life more fun and interesting right?

But my curiousity is killing me, someone tell me why :) (grin)


Been spending money like water lately, because I was like taking cab from place to place almost every day. Other forms of public transport suddenly seems so far and unfamilier.

bad bad me........ but can't help it, need to save time. Every minute is precious at this moment. So, in a way, I'm using money to buy time?

Tomorrow is the big day, the presentation. Wah, all these weeks of hard work just for a 40 min event. People never know the kind of efforts behind.

I'm back to my history assignment. After being away from it for so long, I've forgotten my original inspirations......

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Unintended by Muse

My all time fav. Never stopped loving it.

God Will Make A Way

One of my fav songs. No one sings it like Don Moen

This is for you:

I share your tears and your joy. Know that in every storm, I'll stand by you and support you.

Remember, rainbow comes after the rain. Things will be alright.

Hang on there for a while.

He makes all things beautiful in His Time
It's 3.00am in the morning and I'm all tired and sleepy....... yawn......... physically tired but happy in spirit. Finally got many tasks completed.

Yay :D

Playing some junk on TV just to entertainment myself as I work on my projects. Yew..... they;re really junk!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I kept that on for like, 2 hours

Friday, October 12, 2007


It's one of those mornings, woke up feeling real hungry. Only food in the house's bread and cup noodles........ yucks!!!!!!!!

The thought of going out to get breakfast sounds terrible. So as usual, I picked up the phone.

"Thank You for calling, our delivery services starts from 11am..."

HUH!!!!!! 11am... I would have fainted of hunger by then!!!!!!!!!............. somebody help!!!!!!! I'm famished!!!!!!!! Someone send me food!!!!!!

Ok, for the survival of a rare talent, it shall be bread and canned coffee for breakfast today.

So much for whining about breakfast. Now I'm excitedly starting my day, doing some serious work!!!!! Yay, school's starting, happy to see my students' smiles :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Am enchanted by this song, it's just so beautiful


I had a terrible dream last night. Dreamt that I forgot to go for lesson and only realised it when class time was over. In the end I had to go gather my students for a late make up lesson. Good thing they're very nice and don't seem to find it strange that I was there so late.

It felt so real in the dream......... was so glad it was not real when I woke up.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Funny Dance

Decided to surf around before I call it a day. Chanced upon this real silly dance from Yahoo. Really makes me laugh............ Hahahaaaaaa

You can also view it at:

The comments are funny too

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Waiting (Part 2)

I hate waiting....... it test my patience....... and it test my faith.

But it also helps my faith to grow.

In the mist of waiting, I came to realise, if it's God's Will, it will come to pass. If it doesn't come to pass, then it is not God's will.

I have learned the serenity of accepting the way things are meant to be

P.S. You see my Meez online doll? Notice the clothes and animation changes but the background doesn't? That's means I have been locked in the same room doing serious stuff for many days already

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Don't blame me, but growing up in a fast paced society has conditioned my mind in such a way that I want things done fast. It's habitual I would say.

Therefore, I always find it so difficult when I have to wait for God's perfect timing for things to come to pass.

Urgh......... waiting is a struggle for me

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm famished and stepping out to buy dinner prove to be too much of a chore. Decided to pick up the phone to call for help. Thank God for PizzaHut and anything that delivers dinner right to your door step.

Now, dinner come quick come

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Yupz, BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thousand and one things to do. Enjoy it but I really missed my dear friends. Friends been asking me to meet and stuff, but am tighted up with work and stuff.

Aggy from across th border had wanted to come over to meet me, but I told her Dec.

Sorry dear friends........... I'll meet soonest possible........ I promise

Meanwhile, really missed you all :)

Till we meet again, may the force be with you

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was running late this morning. Being someone very on time and responsible(Ahem), I decided to call a cab to ensure I reach on time.

Would you believe it, the cab arrived when I was still on the phone booking it. That's what I call efficiency :D

When I board it, the driver told me he happen to see my call when he was just around my block, so quickly take the job.

Wah, I felt a little cheated of the booking fees

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Becoming A Leader

Over the last decade, I have been persuaded to lead a cg in church. In fact, I was sent for and have completed leaders' training. My church is structured in such a way that you'll be mentored by somebody and in turn, you'll mentor some other people. I used to avoid this subject. In fact, if you ask me one year ago, I'll tell you it's not time yet.

Lately, I came across this verse which had somehow impacted me so much that I wouldn't stop thinking about it:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you asked in my name........................” John 14:12

Visions have birth forth ever since. I began see myself becoming what my leaders were always encouraging me to be.

For a long time, people have been contributing into my life. Teaching me skills and ways of life. I have reached a point which I really want to contribute in a magnitude I've never done before. It is difficult to put my thoughts across. To put it simply, I just want to make a difference.

Project comes and goes. Things are changing all the time. However, the impact we make in the lives of others will last.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

7 Memories Of School Days With Mrs

Thanks to Mrs message, I thought it'll be fun to write about my school days with her, let's see what we have:

1. Mrs taught me how to play the guitar in school.

2. We used to run a CF together. Once a students whom we didn't know popped by and joined us. Those have been really great.

3. We were always rushing work.

4. We sat near a fellow classmate who was real messy. She had dried mushrooms in the drawers and under the desk........... EEeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :P

5. Whenever I needed a break from all that serious brainstorming, I'd shift Mrs's pencil case and stuff around her desk. Just to disturb her.

6. Mrs kicked my butt once.

7. I used to paste a large paper on my table so that I can doodle on it. Mrs saw some of those and wanted me to do some doodle for her.

Those days has been hectic, but fun. I guess what really added to the joy has been the good friends around. We should have taken more photos back then, so that we can look at them now.

Well it's never too late. At least we're taking more pictures now, like our swiss rolls......... grin. Someday in the faraway future, I believe we'll appreciate these pictures

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gyming Again

I'm a little reluctant to hit the gym today. After two weeks break, I've sort of lost the gyming momentum........... Furthermore, the weather is so cold today, it just feels like the perfect day to sit in the couch for a few games on my 360.

But I know I have to gym today, no matter what, even if it means dragging myself there :P :( :0

Now, where's my running shoes and stuffs

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check Out This Deer

Memories of College Life

Sorry Boon2, to steal this entry from you. Just that I got rather nostalgic after reading your entry, can't help but really feel like penning down some memories of my college life here:

- I remember checking out my dream college with Boon2. Lucky us, the then principle came and talked to us personally for a long time

- I was taught by a real local artist and had the best times of my college life in the art studio. I remember hiding in the art studio to do my tutorials while waiting for the next class. My friends always have a hard time trying to find me

- I got to know some of the best people in that studio. They have coloured my college life in the best possible ways.

- I was selected to represent my college in a pre-u event. The selection interview was intimidating, with the principle, vice principle and many HODs asking me lots of questions.

- We had many dogs in the college.

- I was the club treasurer.

- In a skit, I played a school girl buying ice-cream from an uncle. I got the most numbers of NGs because I simply couldn't stop giggling when it was my turn to speak.

- For some reasons, I love the locker room. I hid all my thick books in there

- I used to raise the flag during morning assemblies

Small fish, you wanna blog about this too? Think it'll be fun

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


One of my dear sis asked me how come I'm not having a tagboard. Hmmm.......... initially I didn't want my blog's right panel to have too many items. Then again, well, why not, if it adds convenience ^_^

So here we are, I've added a tagboard to my blog. Feel free to comment :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday, FCBC

We were in for a surprise when we reached church today. The urshers were distributing balloons and stuff because it's the church's 21st anniversary. During the service, the video footages they show brought back lots of beautiful memories. As I watched it, I suddenly realised, I have walked a pretty long distance with the church.................. I really thank the pastors for imparting such fine teachings and wisdoms.

A large part of the way I think and reason is crafted by the great wisdoms imparted by these wise people. I'm truely thankful, because they have really taught me the way to handle problems, situations........ and also how to handle people. Most of all, I have learned to love and care for others, to have a geninue concern about the well beings of others.

I can only say, I'm very blessed.........

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pasta I Made

Lala and me were so fasinated by the packagings we saw at a store. The product packagings make the food they contain seems better than they really are. We were busy drooling over the cookies and chocolates. Too bad I just recovered from sore throat and Lala is still having sore throat, we couldn't eat these tempting but heaty food.

Decided to have some fun making Pasta for dinner. Check out the results, not that bad huh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Than A Dream Come True

This is the moment of her life. My lovely mom, dressed in an angelic robe stood on stage as she awaits her turn to get baptised. The entire family was so excited, busy capturing this special moment on cameras.

It has been a really memorable as well as touching event. All my life, I have been praying for this moment. I prayed that someday mom will come to know God. That is why, witnessing this moment is very special to me. I mean, this is an answered prayer right before my eyes. I feel so moved when my mom got baptised.

I have learned, as long as we don't give up, as long as we persever, we will eventually be able to live our dreams. We will accomplish the things we really really want.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Have Been Tagged :)

I have been tagged by Mrs!
Here goes the list of 7 random things about myself:

I lived my early childhood in a farm. I had a personal cat and many dogs which I claimed were mine. I gave them individual names.

I often jump into trains going the opp direction. There was once, I discovered I was in the wrong train only when I was like miles away.

I love dolls, still played with dolls during my poly days, keep a few dolls currently and often toy with the idea of starting a doll collection.

I'm a fan of sashimi and medium raw steaks.

I love taking long walks, especially when it's away from the busy city. I love my path to be sandwiched by rows of tall trees. The best moments are when leaflets start falling from the trees. Occasionally, I see some butterflies fluttering across my path.

I still say, the best things in life are free.

I am toiletphopic. I don't dare to wash toilets.

I dance badly


Love this installation at the cinema
I'm in a movie mood lately, but there isn't too many shows I'm excited about........ hmph.

Out of the shows I've watched recently, the only one I've really enjoyed is The Simpsons Movie. Thought it's realy funny. I was laughing away throughout. But there really isn't much to watch now........... I feel like heading for the movies later, but what shall I watch?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Taboo Questions

In her latest blog entry, one of my dear sis talks about a topic so close to my heart that it inspires me to blog about it.

The topic for today is, the list of questions I wish no one would ask. I'm sure many would identify with how we're feeling. Here goes the list:

1. When you having bf/gf ah?
2. When you getting married?
3. When you having a kid?
4. When you having your second kid?
5. When you having your............. number whatever kid?
6. When's your son/daughter getting married?
7. When's your daughter/daughter-in-law giving you a grandchild?

Honestly, I can never comprehend, why would anyone ask such questions? Because I don't see the logic for doing so. Firstly, it is quite apparent that many of the answers are in fact, not fully within our control. And it makes people awkward trying to justify or explain such things. Personally, 1 am so against such questions because they are really very personal.

My friends know how private I am, so usually, they won't touch on such things. Hence, I often get these questions from people whom I just got to know or from some real distance relative whom I can barely recognise. Therefore, I really have issues when they ask me such things. I really feel like saying, "Thanks for your concern about something so personal in my life, even though I just got to know you 15 mins ago" Grin

I have been asked so many times that I no longer entertain them, hence, my usual responds will be really frank. And it goes like this:

Me: I really don't wish to discuss that.

But to my greatest disbelief, the people who started such topics wouldn't take my hint and went on and on about the why......... and why you should and urgh

Like I say, we really should be sensitive towards others and not talk about such personal things unless the person is seeking for a listening ear.

I mean, wouldn't a discussion about some recreational activities more enjoyable and relaxing for both parties?

For questions to break the ice, I really appreciate something like:

"So, what are some of your hobbies?" or "What's your favourite pop group?"

Thursday, August 02, 2007

7000 words

Whoever said the female species has to speak 7000 words a day to fulfill her emotional needs might be wrong after all. For the last three days, I barely spoke. Wanna make sure I get a full recovery this time round.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The medicine power.......... makes me feel very drowsy. Feel like I'm floating when I stand. Dun feel like doing anything serious today, but I'm beginning to feel bored.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Precious Tool

On mc today because I'm nursing a hurting throat. That's an important tool for my livihood, got to take real good care of it.

Isn't the twists and turns of life interesting? I've never imagine that some day in my life, I have to treat my throat with such delicate care. In the past, I would eat anything I want, and if I forget to drink water, it's really fine.

But now, I have to be real careful with what I eat, and also to make sure I don't abuse my vocals...........

But hey, the fact that life comes with some mysteries makes it more exciting.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering whether I should buy a mic. Boon three also uses one. But then again, I'll feel rather odd to be using one in class

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remember TechnoSphere?

In those days when we ruled the world, we used to play with this web game call Technosphere. It allows you to create and breed your pets online, afterwhich, you can monitor their lives via the site. You'll see where your animal roams, and hunts. Most of the time, they will eventually form their own family trees....... and sometimes, they or their children get killed. Other times, they hunt down other animals.

It has been years and the site, together with the animals has been forsaken.

Today, I got a surprised in my inbox. The site actually sent me an email, updating me about how my online pets have been doing after all these years......... Hahahahaaa. Many of them are still alive and doing fine. In fact, the family has grown. The creatures has reproduced and multiplied over the years. Sure brought by fond memories as I looked down the list of creatures I've created.

Here's the family tree of one of my online creatures.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Real Cold Jokes

Thanks to all the cold jokes I told Pachi yesterday, I woke up with a cold today. Been sneezing since last night........ sob

I've been thinking and collecting cold jokes lately, but only one has effect. The rest all not funny..........

Had a really good time catching up with dear Pachi, still as bubbly and cheerful. Ate nice dinner at a nice place. Oh yah, all the waiters had the same name........

We did some last min shopping before the shops closed, and we saw many many cute stuff in Action city.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Hair Day

It's one of those days, I call them bad hair day....ewwwwwww

I used to change my hairstyle during every bad hair day. I'd head for the salon to either change the cut, colour or perm. And right now, I feel like changing my hair style............ grin............

hope that I'll wake up to a better hair day tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm leading worship during CG........ Haha.......... so I'll be carrying my big guitar around
Life is a cruise to nowhere until you find your direction

Monday, July 16, 2007


This weekend has been unexpectably enjoyable. Spent lots of time with family, especially fish, grin. We finally had that much awaited breakfast which we've been talking about :)

These few days I've been hunting around for new clothes, but din managed to find anything I like enough to buy.

Oh, the other day I bumped into someone I haven't met for a long long long time. Chat a little and was really surprised that she knew the latest things going on in my life, like job and stuff... I nearly freaked out.

Probably someone told someone who told someone who told her.

Erm....... abit scary. Because I'm a rather private person, I dun like news to spread

Friday, July 13, 2007

First Week Of School

TGIF :D Tomorrow's saturday, so it kind of concluded the first week of school.

How has this week been......... as the usual story goes, my dear students are still warming themselves up. Can understand, because after having a long break, takes a while to get used to school again.

As for me, I have been very excited about the new term. Excited to see my students' smily faces .................. and bringing them to higher grounds.

Last sem has been really great. Every of my teaching moment is joyful because I saw how my students improved as the weeks went along. They did some really good work and I'm so proud of them. I see in them potentials............. I can imagine that someday they'll become successful people in the industry. It will be my greatest satisfaction, to know that I have groom them well, and developed their potentials.

It is so interesting, because most of the time, people are really more capable then they think they are. Therefore, my job is to help them see what they're capable of becoming.

New school terms always brings new promises ^_^

Harry Potter

Warning: This entry contains spoilers, please do not read if you have not watched the show.

I knew beforehand that sirius black would die. However, I was still rather sad when I watch that part of the show. Then again, he's an important character, even if he were to die, should make have made it more dramatic, at least let him die in the hands of a powerful character............ duh

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Looking forward to attending church tomorrow :) Tomorrow's gonna be a lovely Sunday

Hmph, maybe I should wake up especially early to have a slow and relaxing breakfast. So that I can slip my coffee instead of gulping it.

Oh yah, talking about that, last week, we were rushing through breakfast before Church service. At the bus stop, Mag's bf walked passed us and teasingly said," Mang mang chi........" then he grinned and walked off.............

Gosh, that was embarassing ............... I was too embarassed to even asked him where's Mag


That's today's today's date, just think it's cool

How To Kapok Your Sister's Eyelash Curler

If you wanna own an eyelash curler without buying it, here's four simple steps to do that:

Step One: Ask you sister if you could borrow her eyelash curler. Tell her you need it for your prom

Step Two: Use it for your prom. Takes lots of photos to distract her

Step Three: Keep her eyelash curler away from her for as long as you can. She'll forgets it eventually and the curler will be yours to keep

Step Four: If by any chance your sister remembers that eyelash curler, this is what you can say

You: Oh yah, anyway you don't need it right.......... since you haven't been using it for so many months.........

Sis: Yah lah...... hmph. Then you keep it lor.

That's how my sister kapok-ed my eyelash curler :P

Grin, not that I really mind, but since she's free and happy now, I've got to tease her about something

Meez Online Doll

If you have notice, the online doll my right panel changes all the time......... the backdrop, clothings and actions changes all the time............. That's my mood indicator, show how I'm feeling for that day......... cool huh.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I saw BumbleBee!!!! As in the Transformer BumbleBee!!!!!!!

I saw a yellow car right in the middle of an wide open field carpeted with green grass. Apart from a crane which was placed near it, there was nothing in that field, no trees, no human........ Isn't it strange, a pretty and new looking yellow car in the middle of nowhere?

So it must be BumbleBee. Isn't that cool..............I should have waited longer, maybe it would turn into an alien robot.

Disclaimer: Please know that this certainly isn't real, I mean, I did see the yellow car in the field, but it's certainly not a Transformer (though I wish)............ just having a little fun with my imagination. And by the way, BumbleBee is my favourite character in the movie.

Viva Pinata

Still remember my previous entry about my pinata gardens? Here's more. Have been on this 360 game for quite a while. It's a rather kiddish game, but what made it so delightful is the cheerful graphics and adorable characters. Therefore, playing with this game is always a pleasant experience. Expect more pinata pictures in my blog :)

The most beautiful house in the game belongs to Leafos. It has got branches growing from it and a bee hive attached.

This lovely hut is where the horses used to stay before they became residents of my garden. The tree you see there is the gem tree.

Some pond plants. The purple duck-like pinata is a mutant.


That's the fierce lady who runs the stores.

This is Seedos, really silly old guy who loves seeds and has this special ability to turn himself into dust when needed.

Friday, June 29, 2007


You see that new banner on the right panel of my blog? Yups, that the new blog shop in town.

It does some of the coolest customised cards . If you're thinking of getting some thoughtful nice stuffs for your friends, you can consider popping by here.

Designer product at a friendly price, can't miss this one out.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bi Guan Xui Lian

I'm really glad this period of bi guan xui lian will be over soon because I really missed my dear friends. Haven't seen them for so long..................

This sem has been more busy then others, but this period has also been fruitful and well spent. The cocoon has turned into a butterfly


Setting - At some provision shop

Customer: Do you sell Car................

Cashier (stretched her hand towards the stack of car parking coupon while waiting for the customer to complete the sentence)

Customer: Car puang (bolster)

Cashier: -_-"'


I've been sporting slightly wavy hair for quite a while until one fine day, I decided to straighten it. I went for magic straight instead of the usual rebonding because the former only last for two months. I dun want to keep my hair so straight for too long.

After 6 months, I wonder why my hair is still so straight. Then I realised, of course lah, i'm born with straight hair mah, duh

Thursday, June 14, 2007


RQ: Close the door, wait the air-con will run out har.

Me: Air-con got legs to run out meh? :P

RQ: -_-"'

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sashimi and Mi

I remember watching some chef serving fish raw on some TV cooking show when I was a kid and thought that was so gross. As a child, I could never imagine eating any animal raw.

Never in my widest dream would I know that someday I actually grow up to be huge lover of raw food, from raw vege to raw fish to beef..........

yah, I prefer salad to cooked vege, and I always insist on having my steak partially cooked. Well done steaks are overdone steaks. And yes, I'm the biggest sashimi fan. In fact, I suspect I'm a sashimi addict. The twist and turns of life events can be amazingly interesting. Imagine falling in love with the very thing I thought was gross.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Joseph's Example

The life of Joseph only takes up a small portion in the bible (Genesis 30-50), and yet, it consist of the essence of how we should be leading our lives.

During his younger days, he had many things going against him. First, his brothers din really like him, they had wanted to kill him, but decided to sell him away as a slave. Just when things got better, he was framed and thrown to jail and got stuck there for many years.

I can imagine, many people would have been so bitter if they face the same situations. Yet this is one guy who bloomed where he was planted. Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for himself, he does his best in every situation he's in. Where he was sold to as a slave, he was eventually trusted by his master who put him second in charge in the household. Though he was framed and thrown to jail, he became the overall in charge there. Finally, he became the ruler in the land where he was sold as slave.

I couldn't help feeling so amazed, how he had turned his situations around. The life of Joseph is so inspiring..............

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I will trust and not be afraid, knowing that His plan is always the best.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Listening Room

I'm on the book of Proverbs right now. During my listening room, one particular verse caught my attention and spoke to me in a special way.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 1:3

This is how my Life Application Bible Interprets the verse:
There are different ways to fail to commit whatever we do to the Lord. Some people commit their work only superficially. They say the project is being done for the Lord, but in reality they are doing it for themselves. Others give God temporary control of their interest, only to take control back the moment things stop going the way they expect. Still others commit a task fully to the Lord, but put forth no effort themselves, and then they wonder why they do not succeed. We must maintain a delicate balance: trusting God as if everything depended on him, while working as of everything depended on us.

Interestingly, this seems to be the theme for my day. I started the day with this thought, and ended the day, chancing upon this verse.

I was just thinking, so often, we treat God like He's a genie in a bottle, asking for things to go our way.

Lately, I have made some personal discovery. I realized that I can live my life in fullness only when I surrender my all in all. Whatever we think is best for us may not really be the best for us. When I tell God, whatever I do, all I want is just to glorify Him, to worship Him by putting in my best efforts.................. I get amazing results. It's hard to explain this, one has got to experience it to understand this feeling of freedom. This feels like getting a pair of wings.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bloom Where You Are Planted

It is not our circumstances that make our lives good, it's our attitude towards life that makes circumstances good.

If we have the wrong attitude, things will always go wrong, no matter where we are. It's so important to take things with the right spirit, and grow from whatever that comes along the way. I mean, everyone will be a good person if all things in life are so perfect and rosy. It's adversity that shows us who we really are, what we're made of.

If we hold the right attitude, we'll prosper wherever we are. Just look at Joseph and Daniel.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


One thing caught my attention in particular when I watched the latest Spiderman movie. He ended the movie with the following statement, and I thought it was really meaningful:

"We always have choices. It's our choices that make us who we are. We can choose to do what is right."

That is so true. Every moment, we are presented with choices about how we gonna perceive things, and how we're gonna let events influence our lives. Our choices craft us to become who we are eventually. That's why, every moment of choice is an opportunity to either become someone better or worse.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Cousin

Cousin J and me grew up playing together, but I never know when is his birthday. I mean, I know it's roughly a couple of months after mine, but never sure when it really is. And yah, mean me, I've never bothered to ask :P

Thanks to Friendster, now I finally know the exact date, hee

For the first time since we're kids, I wished him happy birthday, hahahaha, by posting a comment in Friendster.

Me: Happy birthday cousin, actually I never really know when's your actual birthday until now, feel guilty

His reply was quite funny:

=) from ur cousin j

heh heh,

tat's a long overdue well wishes then my dear cousin, haha.

thanks for the tot, gee must be very concentrated since this many yrs though.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

There is little wonder why the scripture says:

"Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, not unto men, but do it unto God............"

When we do things to please men, it cripples us and stops us from moving ahead with the power we should. Thing is, people have very different measures for deciding what is good. And what someone else decides as good may not be really so. Things can be subjective at times.

Once this thing is out of the way, life gets a lot easier. God is our partner, every step we take, do your best and He'll show you what's next.

When you have an excellent spirit, it shows up in the quality of your work, and the attitude with which you do it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bi Guan Xiu Lian

I know I seems to have vanished in thin air again......... have locked myself up for assignments......

Dear buddies, so sorry about this, will catch up soon :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

Decided to pop by Mrs' blog for some words of encouragement before doing my serious stuff. Am deeply bless by her latest entry. She wrote about the unnecessary burdens we so often carry, such as the burden of worry, weariness, discontentment, guilt, self-reliance........... her entry can be summarized in Psalm 23. Psalm 23 is one of my favorite chapter in the bible, but I've never read this deep into it. I din know it can be dissected in this way. Very blessed by the fact that my day started off with such a great blog entry. Thanks Mrs, for maintaining such a blog........ it ministers to me, every time I read it.

I did a bit of random blog surfing and chance upon someone talking about how hard she works, yet her life is so unfulfilling. This reminds me of all the big moves I made to rearrange my entire life. I strongly believe, we need to find meaning in what we do. Our efforts have to contribute to a worthy cause, something worth fighting for........ and living for.

Thing is, we can have all the riches in the world, and still feel that something seems to be missing. There will always be a void in our hearts until we find that something.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Surprise In The Mail Box

I got an unusual letter in my mail last night. It's bulky and.......... sticky tapes were used on every possible area. Wah lao, the sender is super kiasu (grin) RQ held it in his hand and I was trying to snatch it..........

Me: "I want to see........... let me see............."

The word Dearie caught my eye.............. I'm curious........................... what's that bulky letter. And it says it's sent from "someone very beautiful"....... Pengz........... this person damn thick skin....... Taking a closer look, I recognise the handwriting............... it's from my dearest dearest Small Fish :D

Me: It's from Small Fish............. it's for me one :D

RQ: It's also for me mah (so thick skin, assume that all gift are shared)

Me: Ei, still got plastic bag one (after I opened the envelope)

RQ snatched the plastic bag and kept squeezing it, trying to figure out the content.

Me: Oooiii!!!!!!!!!! You'll spoil it by squeezing.

Guess what's inside. It's a pink torto!!!!!!! My Favourite...... I love these little stuff toys, been eying on it for months. Yay, now I've got one. And it arrived right in my mail box as a surprise :D I was jumping around in joy when I saw it

Now Small Fish's green torto has a companion.

All pictures are grabbed from:

I wanted to photograph it and put it on my blog, glad that Small Fish already did it, now I just need to kapo it :)

Thanks Small Fish, for this cheerful gift. Just when I'm so stressed up and stuff.......... you've brighten my day in a beautiful way :)

The Beauty Of Creation

I have decided, I shall not let life pass me by without enjoying and appreciating the beauty of creation.

Leading high speed urbanized lifestyles often mean that we'd be rushing from projects to projects........ quickening our pace to complete our tasks on time............ and not to mention tight schedules which leave us with little time to smell the roses.

But seriously, we need time to smell the roses......... to appreciate all these great things.......

How often do we get to peep out of the window on a late morning to see the sun rays dancing cheerfully, and the refreshing greeneries. Not sure about you, but they never fail to cheer me up.

I recall this little incident when I was walking along a pathway, feeling rather down. And along the path, I saw these beautiful yellow little butterflies fluttering........ there were so many of them......... that sight changed my mood instantly...... right there and then.

I really think, the best things in life come free. They are free and available for those who choose to receive them.......... but they are also invaluable.......... because no amount of money can buy them.

I'm a designer by training........ and I understand the concept that every master piece is plan, conceptualized, designed and carefully crafted. This beautiful creation is the best design ever created............... by the greatest designer ever

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Winning Plan

So often I question why, doesn't things happen just the way I want. As time goes by, I began to understand why. Everything happens for a reason...... and a greater purpose.

With a little patience and waiting, the great plan began to unfold piece by piece.

Even for those times when I screw up, when I thought I have dug my own grave........... things are turned around. Bad experiences are used for a greater purpose. Everything contributes to the big picture He is painting.

And I began to witness, indeed all things work for good, for those who love Him. His faithfulness never fail....... time and again................. I experience grace. Grace to lift me out of my pit.

Thank you God, for the winning plan.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Assignment Time

I foresee I'll be burning quite a lot of mid night oil in the weeks ahead............. but it's for a worthy cause.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Listening Room

During my listening room this morning, was very much comforted by Psalm 124. Speaks directly to my heart. Just what I need.

Psalm 124

A song of ascents. Of David.

1 If the LORD had not been on our side—
let Israel say-

2 if the LORD had not been on our side
when men attacked us,

3 when their anger flared against us,
they would have swallowed us alive;

4 the flood would have engulfed us,
the torrent would have swept over us,

5 the raging waters
would have swept us away.

6 Praise be to the LORD,
who has not let us be torn by their teeth.

7 We have escaped like a bird
out of the fowler's snare;
the snare has been broken,
and we have escaped.

8 Our help is in the name of the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Appreciation always does magic. Last few days, I was working on a tedious project. I mean, the kind that is low impact but tedious to do. Patience almost ran out while working on it.

Anyway, finally got it done last night.

Got a call today and the person told me I did a good job, better than his work.

Feels good to be appreciated.

Wonder if I've mentioned in my blog that I can no longer accept things that are not done to my best efforts. Hmmmm....... let's just say, there are some things we can do better and some things we don't do so well. But I have decided, everything I do, I'll do it to the best my abilities allow.

And certainly, it's also about learning and improving along the way.

Why the change in attitude? Because I finally understand what my road map has been trying to say

Your Best Life Now

There are books which I read for recreation and those which I read for information.

Then of course, there are some special books which are life- transforming for me. Not many, but here are those precious few:

1. The Bible - this is my road map. I call it my instructional manual. It teaches me how to go about life and what to do in different situations. I'll be totally lost without it.

2. The Purpose Driven Life (By Rick Warren) - One of the best books I've ever read. Shed light into many queries I had.

3. What On Earth Am I Here For (By Rick Warren) - Summarized version of The Purpose Driven Life. It's so tiny, you can finish reading it in less than 30 mins.

4. Your Best Life Now (By Joel Osteen) - Really love this one. Great book to read when I need encouragement. Like the way he put things and his writing style.

Am thankful to the authors for writing these books, because they have such a big impact in my life. Been very blessed and encouraged.

Where to get them: Either from Popular Book Shop or Life Book Shop.

P/S - I promise I'm not getting any commission out of this.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Distracted while the rest figure things out. Hmm..why was I staring at the floor?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunday's Service

During the service on Sunday, Pastor preached about Sowing and Reaping. It's not a new concept, but something about his sermon struck me.

He mentioned something like "those who sow in tears will reap in joy.............." for the past few days, that statement stayed in my mind and kept replaying itself. How true.......... at times, sowing can be a painful process, it may take lots of hard work and determination. But the results will be so rewarding and joyful........... that one will forget about the tears of sowing.

I'll remember to sow good seeds, and reap good harvest.

Bumped into Boon Two before service. Meeting her there has a special meaning for me, because it reminds me of the phase of life, when we were both silly teenagers. We used to explore things together, and this church, was something which we discovered together. That chapter with Boon Two has a special place in my heart.

After a big turn, life brings her back to where we first started................. just like how it has brought me back here. I don't know how to express this, but there is a tremendous joy, that we're back here together again.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just Drive

Some of my friends from across the border pop over for dinner with us. It has been really enjoyable. The two hours wait for them was worth it. Yah, you read me correctly. We waited 2 hours for them at the dinner place because the drivers lost their ways.

There were two cars, so they offered to drive everyone back. One car follow the other so we'll stick together. I was in the car behind. As usual, I hardly notice the route until the drivers missed one crucial turn and that would lead us really far away.

It was then that we realised, the drivers really don't know the ways at all. They were just driving along and "trying their luck" Pengz!!!!!!!! couldn't believe our ears.

Now that explains their lateness earlier. When they said they lost their ways, they really did lost their ways.

Listening Room

Was very much comforted by Psalms 107 and Psalms 108 this morning. I'm reminded how simple life really is. All it takes is simply to listen and obey. Obedience comes with great rewards........ far beyond what one can imagine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reaching For The Star

I dun want to talk about it, but just a little disappointed.

Nonetheless, no matter how the wind sets me back, I'll keep sailing ahead.

Not matter what, I'll keep reaching for that dream. Someday, I'll be there.

And yes, I'll remember to enjoy the process...................

Monday, March 26, 2007

Boon Two wrote about something close to my heart in her latest entry, about how people come in and out of our lives. For us city dwellers, it's impossible to keep in touch with everyone because we meet so many people everyday, so at times, we just let them slip by.

However, like she said, there's aways a sense of lost as we let acquaintances fade quietly, because there are always people whom we like to know better..................

Her entry got me rather stirred emotionally. I'm the kind who store lots of memories, even a brief but lovely moment is worth remembering. As life move us on and bring us to different places, the common memories are perhaps the only things that still bind us together.

Yes, and that's why, like her, I hate saying goodbye. For her, she chose not to say goodbye when it's time to part. For me, I really would prefer not to part.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Valuable Quote

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
Thomas Edison

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kopi and Teh

These couple of days, I kept saying Kopi-O when I actually meant Teh-O...... very duh right!!!

EL and me were out for dinner at a Hong Kong Cafe. I wanted Teh-O but I said kopi-O instead. EL was rather shocked:

EL: KOPI-O??? You dun drink kopi-O one mah???

Me: Who say I dun :P

EL: Only I drink Kopi-O, I've never seen you drinking that!!!

Thanks to her reminder, I realized my mistake in time and got my teh-O happily.

This morning, I went to the Kopitium and asked for Kopi-O again...... double DUH lor.....

Next thing I realized, the person at the store handed me a glass of black coffee............

Gosh, I took two sips and left the rest untouched........... bleah :P

The sotong-nism is getting more serious

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Funny Doodles

Only Taco and Pachi understand this one, hee

Dreams Come True

Got an encouraging sms from a dear friend. She said the fact that I'm stepping closer to my dream inspires her to move towards hers.

Her sms inspires me to blog about this.

Lately, I'm taking huge steps to make changes. Sometimes, we have to move backward slightly in order to move forward. Wonder if you have ever flown a kite. To make it fly high, you can't hold on too tightly. You've got to let go slightly every now and then, so that it can harness the force of the wind to reach higher.

In many ways, this is also true about realizing our dreams. The more we cling on hard, the more we find ourselves jogging on the spot. Sometimes, we just have to let go slightly, and move along with the right opportunities.

Everything has a perfect timing. If things hasn't happen yet, that's because you're still in preparation.

I'm Proud Of My Clone

Since I'm online, might as well entertain myself by searching the web for some names.

I keyed in my own dialect name, apparently, someone who has the same name as me is kind of famous. Duh............... :P

I keyed in my clone's name and viola...... woo............ she's famous, her name appears in the search engine, for great things she has done. Cool............

Hee.......... just in the mood for a bit of wu liao stuff

Monday, March 05, 2007

Obedience, Faith and Waiting

All that energy spent rebelling and fighting for freedom, I've finally discovered the liberation obedience brings. Things may not always go the way I want, but they're definitely for the best.

Faith sometimes bring us to do the most irrational stuff, things which go against logic, which human understanding can't quite figure. Yet, it'll bring us to higher grounds, to places beyond one's imagination. Faith is powerful, because faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

The more we exercise faith, the stronger it becomes.

Obedience, faith and waiting............... I find waiting the most difficult.

I'm one of those super impatient kind, sometimes, I just want to snap my fingers and expect things to be nicely set right before me. I want to have things settled immediately.......... right away.

But being too impatient sometimes make me move in circles.......... and bring me back to where I started............

I'm learning how to wait........................... because occasionally, that is necessary.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lady With Mask

I was on my way to meet someone and this lady with a mask on her face caught my attention. I stared at her for a good few seconds to make sure I was seeing the right thing.

I'm not talking about real masks. I'm talking about the kind of skin care cream people apply on their faces, the type that hardens to form some sort of mask which can either be wash off or pull off. You know, the ones beautician use..............

That was quite a puzzling sight, because she was wearing office attire with that green skin care mask on her face!

Erm............ no comments, just shocked.

Encounter With a Cute Kid

Was talking to this cute pri school boy(WN). He's one small boy with a big voice. So I supposed everyone in the room heard our conversation:

WN: I want to play MapleStory

Me: Nope, you're can't. Not allowed

WN: You know what is MapleStory meh?

Me: You think I never play meh (actually I don't, hee. I love mushrooms too much to shoot them)

WN: What level are you?

Me: Don't tell you leh. I got Gear of Wars (With a proud grin)

WN: What's that (Still as loudly as before)

Me: You don't know one lah.

WN: What is Gear of War? ................ What level are you? (Still on that MapleStory thing)

Me: I got many Xbox games (stretching my hands to show the size of my stack)

Our conversation ended abruptly because another adult came by and stopped WN from talking.

For a moment, I was quite tempted to start MapleStory so that next time, I can show off my level.

Friday, February 23, 2007


It's still officially Chinese New Year though most are already back to work.

What made CNY so special for me is always the time, laughter and fun with family members. I really would say, the reunion dinner is one of the best part of our Chinese culture. It is like an unspoken date with our family, no matter which part of the world we're in, we'll be back home and dine together before the year ends. For me, this is especially meaningful. It's good to see the family growing, with more imported members. It's good to see that we click well. Hope that our relationships will deepen as years goes by. Afterall, the only reason why we're related in this special way is divine appointment.

All that fun, food and entertainment this holiday leaves me extremely satisfied (grin)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Woke up with a mild cough, so decided to take some cough mixture. It made me so super drowsy. Had to fight hard not to doze off while doing stuff.

Then again, I confess I love this drowsy feeling, it's so comfy and nice, hee

Monday, February 12, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Going through old stuffs always makes me somewhat emotional. I read with fondness, the letters, cards, messages from friends and family members.

I still keep those little cards and drawings from Small Fish and Boon Five. They did those when they were kids. I also chanced upon this set of stickers lala gave me when we were studying in the same school. They bring back such fond memories.

Yupz, I'm one of those who like to keep things which has sentimental values. They are like some kind of time machine, looking at them brings me back in time. It's beautiful to play those scenes in my mind and relive the moments.

Too emotional? Nah......... because a large part of life is about building and sharing beautiful memories.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I was just browsing some photos taken over the past few years and noted the weight lost. Hmph....... All that gym routines are effective.

Looking back at the past always give me this strange feelings. These moments feel like yesterday, yet so much have moved on. People have progressed and so much have changed.

Sometimes, it feels like we're in a stream sailing along, we're moving all the time, just that we're not noticing. When we look back, we realized the distance we've covered.

Anyway, I've decided to make a conscious effort to take more photos.......... so that I can always look back with fondness, the journey I've walked.


My name is candle. I exist to shine in darkness. Because the smallest light can be seen in the darkest night.

Because destiny has brought us together, I hope your life will be touched in one way or another. Our relationship can last for a life time, or perhaps, it's meant to be temporal. But because our path has crossed, I hope I'll be a blessing to you........ That's what I aspire to be.... a Star Maker.

Towards those that has been entrusted, I wanna make you into a star........

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hand Painful

Last night played xbox for too long, now hand very painful. Sob..... like that how to work.

Should have taken mc :P