Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Finally Back

It has been two months since I was last seen. Where have I been.

Things has been totally crazy, rushing the many many assignments and projects on my hands. I almost choked to death. Been waking up at crazy hours, like 4am to rush projects.

I felt like I was cut off from the world............. responding to what was urgent, and ignoring what's really important. Would you believe I have not met my family for that period?

Good thing, things has more or less clear up and I can finally catch up with the things, people that means the most to me. My friends and family.

Really feel so bad for my sudden long disappearance.

Oh, and I finally met up with small fish for dinner yesterday. We're back to our fav sushi-ing. Talked about many many things.

But she said she has been sending me sms-es, but I din receive. Last night she sent me two, I still din receive them. It's either her phone or........... erm......

Anyway, am glad I finally have all that breathing space now................. air feels extra fresh