Friday, October 31, 2008


I was searching for stuff and chanced upon this catalogue with my picture in it. It's a catalogue for an event we did some time back and memories of that chapter flooded my mind.

Sometimes, I really do wonder, how many people out there are like me, very sentimental. I'm people oriented, and most of my memories, whether happy ones or not are closely tied to my experiences of people.

I remember a lot about the times I spend with people, the things we said, stuff we laugh about........ I can quote things people said years back but absent minded when it comes to some other things.

Sometimes, I look back at the moments that has past, I'd like to revisit them. So, I often wish that I can travel through time. More often, I wish the framework of time do not even exist. I just don't like to move on with life, and leave some stages behind

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Real To Be Fake

Was with Rach and guys the other day eating my fav jap food. Yummy. I had sashimi for dinner two days straight.

Rach: (Touching my hair): Wow, your hair extension very natural

Me: -_-"'

Rach: looks so real......................

Me: This is my real hair lah, I removed my hair extension long ago


Saturday, October 18, 2008


My Meez used to look like me, with curls and all. But my hairsyles has changed several times since then. Yupz, it's my hobby to change hairstyle. So, updating my Meez to make it look like how I look now. And no, I don't miss those curls.

Meez of those days