Friday, October 19, 2007

Someone Tell Me Why

There is a burning question I wish someone would just answer. Why do people like to disturb me? Happens to me all the time. When I'm with a group of friends, the joke is always about me......... erm...... I'm not very funny right?!?!

Don't worry, I honestly dun mind at all. NAh, one has to joke to make life more fun and interesting right?

But my curiousity is killing me, someone tell me why :) (grin)


sotong said...

cos you are nice to bully LOL!

no lar, cos you so cute so ppl always aim you :D

iwannasoar said...

Pachi, I also like to disturb you leh

sotong said...

LOL..... i like to bully you you like to bully me lol