Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Tribute to Selwyn Hughes

The work of a great man last beyond his life time.

For several years, "Every Day with Jesus" has been part my daily devotions, however, that stopped when the writer went home to the Lord in Jan 2006.

I was searching for some stuff in my store room and chanced upon some old copies of "Everyday with Jesus". I saw the titles and thought, hey, I could still use them for my devotions. As I read the pages, they bless me like they used to. Clarifying my doubts, correcting wrong ideas and assumptions. Each time I read a page from this publication, I feel that I am one step nearer to God.

It makes me realize, the work of a successful person doesn't end with his life on earth. A successful person always leave his legacy behind. Even way past his life time, his writing still impact lives, and does the same work they used to do.


Anonymous said...

well said!

btw i love the gingi for your meez ;p

little fish

iwannasoar said...

thanks :)