Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is passion that gets you started on a journey, endurance that keeps you going and commitment that helps you reach your destination.


LearningByReading said...

But enough passion will compensate if the other two wane.
Nice, pithy quote. Very useful and something noone should forget. Thanks!

rajeet said...

bitterness in heart at times makes u smarter...u agree?

FMdoll said...

Bitterness and hardship only makes the journey more arduous, yet so much more enjoyable when you get where you are going.

iwannasoar said...

@LearningByReading, thanks :)

@rajeet, we get smarter through many ways. Bitterness is an unnecessary suffering ^o^

@FMdoll, it's important to enjoy the journey of getting there too ^_^