Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Encounter With a Cute Kid

Was talking to this cute pri school boy(WN). He's one small boy with a big voice. So I supposed everyone in the room heard our conversation:

WN: I want to play MapleStory

Me: Nope, you're can't. Not allowed

WN: You know what is MapleStory meh?

Me: You think I never play meh (actually I don't, hee. I love mushrooms too much to shoot them)

WN: What level are you?

Me: Don't tell you leh. I got Gear of Wars (With a proud grin)

WN: What's that (Still as loudly as before)

Me: You don't know one lah.

WN: What is Gear of War? ................ What level are you? (Still on that MapleStory thing)

Me: I got many Xbox games (stretching my hands to show the size of my stack)

Our conversation ended abruptly because another adult came by and stopped WN from talking.

For a moment, I was quite tempted to start MapleStory so that next time, I can show off my level.


sotong said...

play maple story lar... we train train together :)

you dun whack mushroom nvm.. i whack.... and i eat it :D:D:D

you can whack other things, like pigs :p

iwannasoar said...

you whack I eat...... sob sob........ Pachi, you're so nice. Me so touched.

Dunno leh, very tempted but not sure got time.

Oh yah, you wanna play pool?

sotong said...

hmmmmm, when did i say i whack you eat *blur*..... hahaha..... anyway, my character in maple was stuck in level 20++++++ for almost 2 months soon hahaha, cos i also seldom got time to play :p think you wana hao lian to the kids also difficult hehehe.....

anyway, ah ok ar ok ar...... you wana play?

iwannasoar said...

hee hee...... I blur........ read your post wrongly..... Pengz

yah, I want play pool