Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Cousin

Cousin J and me grew up playing together, but I never know when is his birthday. I mean, I know it's roughly a couple of months after mine, but never sure when it really is. And yah, mean me, I've never bothered to ask :P

Thanks to Friendster, now I finally know the exact date, hee

For the first time since we're kids, I wished him happy birthday, hahahaha, by posting a comment in Friendster.

Me: Happy birthday cousin, actually I never really know when's your actual birthday until now, feel guilty

His reply was quite funny:

=) from ur cousin j

heh heh,

tat's a long overdue well wishes then my dear cousin, haha.

thanks for the tot, gee must be very concentrated since this many yrs though.



sotong said...

lol..... you're not part of the Sotong family for nothing you know....... lol~~~~~

iwannasoar said...

Oooiii :P