Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Joseph's Example

The life of Joseph only takes up a small portion in the bible (Genesis 30-50), and yet, it consist of the essence of how we should be leading our lives.

During his younger days, he had many things going against him. First, his brothers din really like him, they had wanted to kill him, but decided to sell him away as a slave. Just when things got better, he was framed and thrown to jail and got stuck there for many years.

I can imagine, many people would have been so bitter if they face the same situations. Yet this is one guy who bloomed where he was planted. Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for himself, he does his best in every situation he's in. Where he was sold to as a slave, he was eventually trusted by his master who put him second in charge in the household. Though he was framed and thrown to jail, he became the overall in charge there. Finally, he became the ruler in the land where he was sold as slave.

I couldn't help feeling so amazed, how he had turned his situations around. The life of Joseph is so inspiring..............


Mrs. said...

hope everything's fine on ur side... :)

iwannasoar said...

Dear buddy, things are fine, but me still chionging assignment.

Will be free soon........ seriously can't wait to show you the pastry place, looking forward and excited about it. Wait for me ah :P