Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was running late this morning. Being someone very on time and responsible(Ahem), I decided to call a cab to ensure I reach on time.

Would you believe it, the cab arrived when I was still on the phone booking it. That's what I call efficiency :D

When I board it, the driver told me he happen to see my call when he was just around my block, so quickly take the job.

Wah, I felt a little cheated of the booking fees


sotong said...


i got one day also like that....... i call..... then saw empty cab, then drop phone hahaha............ :p

iwannasoar said...

The one that came was the cab which I called ah. When recept was reading the cab number to me, that very cab already arrive in front of me ah.... Pengz right

sotong said...

LOL poor thing heheheh :p

Mrs. said...

wah funny lah!!!