Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lady With Mask

I was on my way to meet someone and this lady with a mask on her face caught my attention. I stared at her for a good few seconds to make sure I was seeing the right thing.

I'm not talking about real masks. I'm talking about the kind of skin care cream people apply on their faces, the type that hardens to form some sort of mask which can either be wash off or pull off. You know, the ones beautician use..............

That was quite a puzzling sight, because she was wearing office attire with that green skin care mask on her face!

Erm............ no comments, just shocked.

Encounter With a Cute Kid

Was talking to this cute pri school boy(WN). He's one small boy with a big voice. So I supposed everyone in the room heard our conversation:

WN: I want to play MapleStory

Me: Nope, you're can't. Not allowed

WN: You know what is MapleStory meh?

Me: You think I never play meh (actually I don't, hee. I love mushrooms too much to shoot them)

WN: What level are you?

Me: Don't tell you leh. I got Gear of Wars (With a proud grin)

WN: What's that (Still as loudly as before)

Me: You don't know one lah.

WN: What is Gear of War? ................ What level are you? (Still on that MapleStory thing)

Me: I got many Xbox games (stretching my hands to show the size of my stack)

Our conversation ended abruptly because another adult came by and stopped WN from talking.

For a moment, I was quite tempted to start MapleStory so that next time, I can show off my level.

Friday, February 23, 2007


It's still officially Chinese New Year though most are already back to work.

What made CNY so special for me is always the time, laughter and fun with family members. I really would say, the reunion dinner is one of the best part of our Chinese culture. It is like an unspoken date with our family, no matter which part of the world we're in, we'll be back home and dine together before the year ends. For me, this is especially meaningful. It's good to see the family growing, with more imported members. It's good to see that we click well. Hope that our relationships will deepen as years goes by. Afterall, the only reason why we're related in this special way is divine appointment.

All that fun, food and entertainment this holiday leaves me extremely satisfied (grin)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Woke up with a mild cough, so decided to take some cough mixture. It made me so super drowsy. Had to fight hard not to doze off while doing stuff.

Then again, I confess I love this drowsy feeling, it's so comfy and nice, hee

Monday, February 12, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Going through old stuffs always makes me somewhat emotional. I read with fondness, the letters, cards, messages from friends and family members.

I still keep those little cards and drawings from Small Fish and Boon Five. They did those when they were kids. I also chanced upon this set of stickers lala gave me when we were studying in the same school. They bring back such fond memories.

Yupz, I'm one of those who like to keep things which has sentimental values. They are like some kind of time machine, looking at them brings me back in time. It's beautiful to play those scenes in my mind and relive the moments.

Too emotional? Nah......... because a large part of life is about building and sharing beautiful memories.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I was just browsing some photos taken over the past few years and noted the weight lost. Hmph....... All that gym routines are effective.

Looking back at the past always give me this strange feelings. These moments feel like yesterday, yet so much have moved on. People have progressed and so much have changed.

Sometimes, it feels like we're in a stream sailing along, we're moving all the time, just that we're not noticing. When we look back, we realized the distance we've covered.

Anyway, I've decided to make a conscious effort to take more photos.......... so that I can always look back with fondness, the journey I've walked.


My name is candle. I exist to shine in darkness. Because the smallest light can be seen in the darkest night.

Because destiny has brought us together, I hope your life will be touched in one way or another. Our relationship can last for a life time, or perhaps, it's meant to be temporal. But because our path has crossed, I hope I'll be a blessing to you........ That's what I aspire to be.... a Star Maker.

Towards those that has been entrusted, I wanna make you into a star........