Sunday, November 19, 2006

Viva Pinata

I hooked!!! Somebody help me :P

Yes, to this 360 game call Viva Pinata. It's about creating and taking care of your little virtual garden. You can plan trees, watch them grow and attract totally cute cuddly pinatas.......... ooohhh.............. they are so irresistibly adorable.

Currently, My garden has got apple trees, rabbits, birds, butterflies, fox, ants.......... etc............. and I built nice animal houses for them in my garden.
I've dug two ponds. Next time, I'm gonna plant more interesting plants around the ponds, yay :D

The garden is sort of an ecosystem, so sometimes, the animals will eat each other. Two of my rabbits got eaten by the foxes, sob sob.......... and the snake ate my mouse........... grrrr!!!!!!!! And I accidentally killed one of my pitana :P I was supposed to chase off some bad guy, then accidentally hit my pitana instead :( Anyway, I learned the trick. To prevent the pinatas from eating each other, you've got to keep feeding them with candies. I kept buying candies for my pinatas, especially the foxes, I dun want them to eat my rabbits.

Yah, it all sound really childish, but I'm simply hooked to it, just like many adults all over the world are.

I can't stop thinking about my virtual garden and what I'm gonna do with it. But right now, CK is using the xbox, so I've got to wait :( Whine............ no choice


daydreamer said...

my colleague mention abt the game to me too! too bad i dun ve xbox! ve u got gears of war?

iwannasoar said...

gears of war ah, have but I hardly play. Not mine, it's my darling's one

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