Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Celebrate The Season

I simply adore this year's Christmas deco along orchard road. To me, they looks like golden apple trees. With the mushrooms surrounding the trees, there is somewhat a fairy tale touch to it. I thought they look fascinating. Must must must remember to take photographs of them.

He humbled Himself,
He went from commanding angels to sleeping in the straw,
From holding stars to clutching Mary's finger,
The palm that held the universe took the mail of a soldier.
Because that's what love does.
- Max Lucado


Shara said...

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Good luck, iwannasoar

bOonEe said...

hehhehhe.. but abit de "xing nian dao" leh.. HEH. im done with my A LEVEL!!!!! and i wana hav my own gardens and rabbits and caterpillars and pretty roses and aloe veras and piggies and alot alot alot of hammies!!! white, pink, purple, baby blue, brown.. yayyyy!!!! =D
i miss you!

iwannasoar said...

Thanks shara, that have been informative and helpful :)

iwannasoar said...

boonee, I saw your new look with rebonded hair and trendy specs.

Wow, you really look very different. Dun look like you at all manz............

But it's nice ^_^