Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cold and Wet

I was looking forward to a Sunny Singapore when I flew back from Beijing. But gosh, it has been raining heavily here. hmph.......how can I forget, it's rainy season now. Apart from the hassle of carrying unbrellas and getting my jeans soaking wet, I actually quite like the weather. Perhaps I've grown used to cold weathers. After experiencing the -11 degrees, the air con and rains that used to make me shiver is now nothing, haha :P

In my last entry, I wrote about the wonderful people I met during the trip. One of the gals, CRS, has been smsing me these couple of days. It's fun texting her. I wonder how are the rest doing, S, LRS and everyone.

The trip has somewhat changed something in me. I don't feel like taking life too seriously anymore. I mean, it's really no good leading a stressful life and always on the rush. Why do it if it makes one miserable. Somehow, my perspective of things changed. I'm beginning to think, one must always treat oneself well...... then everything else appear beautiful. Basically, never deprive ourselves.

Did I say that I actually took on a holiday job just before I left for my trip? Wanted to explore abit. But that means I can't meet Pachi for lunch until the contract completes. I miss Pachi and guys. Gonna call her soon, but meanwhile, it's many many things to settle and errands to run.........


sotong said...

hahaha no wonder no hear from u hehehe... had wanted to sms you also hahaha.... recently very busy for work n our "ECA" stuff leh..... *tired tired*

anyway, you settle your stuff first no prob no prob...... enjoy the days ok? relax relax :D

iwannasoar said...

thanks Pachi ^_^

We catch up soon ya, miss you so much

iwannasoar said...
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