Saturday, December 02, 2006

Monkey Eats Chilli

Have you ever fed a monkey with chilli?

I have, when I was like three years old. And it got so angry with me.

I wasn't mischievous, just that, in our farm, we kept a monkey as pet. Every morning, I'd pick some fruits and give it to the monkey. There was this morning when I couldn't find anything except chilli. So I decided to just give it to the monkey :P It got mad at me and started hissing. That was the last time I ever got near that monkey.

Guess what? I did it again today, I fed my pinata monkey with chilli, and it mutated!!!

I took a short break from my assignment and got my hands on my viva pinata. But only for a short while.

Currently I have three pinata gardens. One with does, squirrels, rabbits and foxes. The foxes are really naughty.

The second one is a chilli farm.

The third one is my fav. It has got horses, sheeps, dogs and monkeys. I used to keep a pony there but it wouldn't stop fighting with the horses. So I had to get rid of it, sob sob............. though I like it alot.

The game has been absolutely fun until Professor Pestor appeared, and I'm only at level 24. It's a total pest. It killed my prized mutated monkey. But I quickly off the xbox before it auto saves that scene.


daydreamer said...

u trying to relive ur childhood moment! haha! yah i remember that story of yours, so small tekan monkey oready :P

iwannasoar said...

haha, not bully, trying not to disappoint the monkey