Monday, December 18, 2006

Eight Nights In Beijing

It's hard to believe I'm back here in Singapore, sitting at my window seat.

The eight days in Beijing felt like the longest time. Let's just say, I almost forgot I have a life here.

About the trip.... hmph........ visiting the historical sites bring all that China history I've learnt to life. There's nothing like experiencing the real thing. Climbing the Great Wall was a dream come true for me. For several reasons, the Great Wall has special meaning to me. I wrote this thesis on the Great Wall and it won me a distinction. I stood in the watch tower and looked across the hills.... I was thinking, wow, I wrote about this part, now I'm here.........

I had wanted to climb higher, but I was fearful of rolling down :P

I met the five most wonderful kids during the trip. One boy and four gals. The oldest is 12, and the youngest is 6. Had he greatest time with them. I always believe, every appointment is devine. Set and planned by our creater, that we all come at this point of time, to this particular place ad get to know each other. Time always move us on..... and life always progresses, but I shall always bring with me, their beautiful smiles.

And next trip, probably I'll head for HK, hmph..... see how it goes bah ^_^

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