Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just Drive

Some of my friends from across the border pop over for dinner with us. It has been really enjoyable. The two hours wait for them was worth it. Yah, you read me correctly. We waited 2 hours for them at the dinner place because the drivers lost their ways.

There were two cars, so they offered to drive everyone back. One car follow the other so we'll stick together. I was in the car behind. As usual, I hardly notice the route until the drivers missed one crucial turn and that would lead us really far away.

It was then that we realised, the drivers really don't know the ways at all. They were just driving along and "trying their luck" Pengz!!!!!!!! couldn't believe our ears.

Now that explains their lateness earlier. When they said they lost their ways, they really did lost their ways.


sotong said...

hahaha...... taco fren also blur blur one wahahahaha

iwannasoar said...

hahaha, you also blur blur (grin), that's why we're friends, hee