Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Appreciation always does magic. Last few days, I was working on a tedious project. I mean, the kind that is low impact but tedious to do. Patience almost ran out while working on it.

Anyway, finally got it done last night.

Got a call today and the person told me I did a good job, better than his work.

Feels good to be appreciated.

Wonder if I've mentioned in my blog that I can no longer accept things that are not done to my best efforts. Hmmmm....... let's just say, there are some things we can do better and some things we don't do so well. But I have decided, everything I do, I'll do it to the best my abilities allow.

And certainly, it's also about learning and improving along the way.

Why the change in attitude? Because I finally understand what my road map has been trying to say


sotong said...

hurray~~~~ yeah, i agree with you........ to me, things i always wana do my best....... but sighz, recently so tired..... wana do my best also no energy hahaha :p

iwannasoar said...

hee, can tell that you're someone who do your best in everything.

why you tired recently?

sotong said...

hmmmm, mind always in work recently....... too tiring :p

need break soon lol....

iwannasoar said...

hee.... time for a holiday :)

sotong said...

yeah i on holiday now! two days leave hahaha

iwannasoar said...

that good that good, then can rest.

Labor day coming, another holiday