Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Best Life Now

There are books which I read for recreation and those which I read for information.

Then of course, there are some special books which are life- transforming for me. Not many, but here are those precious few:

1. The Bible - this is my road map. I call it my instructional manual. It teaches me how to go about life and what to do in different situations. I'll be totally lost without it.

2. The Purpose Driven Life (By Rick Warren) - One of the best books I've ever read. Shed light into many queries I had.

3. What On Earth Am I Here For (By Rick Warren) - Summarized version of The Purpose Driven Life. It's so tiny, you can finish reading it in less than 30 mins.

4. Your Best Life Now (By Joel Osteen) - Really love this one. Great book to read when I need encouragement. Like the way he put things and his writing style.

Am thankful to the authors for writing these books, because they have such a big impact in my life. Been very blessed and encouraged.

Where to get them: Either from Popular Book Shop or Life Book Shop.

P/S - I promise I'm not getting any commission out of this.


sotong said...

hmmmmm, i got book 1 n 2..... :p but both also never finish reading *sweat*

iwannasoar said...

grin, take your time :)

I finish reading "2" in the train. Everyday take mrt, just read one chapter.

But "1" will take very long to finish reading ah

sotong said...

you got place to sit wor on the train hahaha.... i no seat sob sob........ :p

ya 1 will take VERY long.... heheh......

iwannasoar said...

What seat....... I read the book standing ah.....

at my station already can't get seats :(

sotong said...

wah at your station already no seat *cry*

at my station must stand outside hahaha... :p

iwannasoar said...

not stand outside, must sit on the root