Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Pinata Gardens


bOonEe said...

whoa wheee.. hehe

iwannasoar said...

Cool huh :P

Wait till you see what I did to the Garden you started that day.

Not it has got a special dragon and a mine........ very cool leh

sotong said...

wow..... is so pretty!!!!

too bad its on x360, i dun have it, cannot play *cry*

iwannasoar said...

hee, then I put more pictures here for you :P

I'm quite hooked to this game

bOonEe said...

dragon!!?! serious ahhhh!!
i wana go your house to see!!

iwannasoar said...

Yah, compared to the other gardens I have, this one is very special, it has a very special Dragon, which it very hard to get one.

It also has a mine which produces diamond, gold and gems.

Oh yah, can help me tell ma ma, that day I forgot to call her. Say I pai seh. Was a very packed day for me