Friday, July 13, 2007

First Week Of School

TGIF :D Tomorrow's saturday, so it kind of concluded the first week of school.

How has this week been......... as the usual story goes, my dear students are still warming themselves up. Can understand, because after having a long break, takes a while to get used to school again.

As for me, I have been very excited about the new term. Excited to see my students' smily faces .................. and bringing them to higher grounds.

Last sem has been really great. Every of my teaching moment is joyful because I saw how my students improved as the weeks went along. They did some really good work and I'm so proud of them. I see in them potentials............. I can imagine that someday they'll become successful people in the industry. It will be my greatest satisfaction, to know that I have groom them well, and developed their potentials.

It is so interesting, because most of the time, people are really more capable then they think they are. Therefore, my job is to help them see what they're capable of becoming.

New school terms always brings new promises ^_^


Lim Ting Ru - Gamelover26 said...

teacher... now all the lesson is so stress... haix....

iwannasoar said...

I understand, but last term you did very well

I'm sure this sem, you will overcome and do well also. We'll take one step at a time and improve bit by bit

Jia You! You can do it :)