Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Viva Pinata

Still remember my previous entry about my pinata gardens? Here's more. Have been on this 360 game for quite a while. It's a rather kiddish game, but what made it so delightful is the cheerful graphics and adorable characters. Therefore, playing with this game is always a pleasant experience. Expect more pinata pictures in my blog :)

The most beautiful house in the game belongs to Leafos. It has got branches growing from it and a bee hive attached.

This lovely hut is where the horses used to stay before they became residents of my garden. The tree you see there is the gem tree.

Some pond plants. The purple duck-like pinata is a mutant.


That's the fierce lady who runs the stores.

This is Seedos, really silly old guy who loves seeds and has this special ability to turn himself into dust when needed.


sotong said...

hmmmmm, some of the things the color look strange.... hahaha.......

iwannasoar said...

that's because I didn't correct the colours, hee

sotong said...

oic LOL~~~~~