Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Precious Tool

On mc today because I'm nursing a hurting throat. That's an important tool for my livihood, got to take real good care of it.

Isn't the twists and turns of life interesting? I've never imagine that some day in my life, I have to treat my throat with such delicate care. In the past, I would eat anything I want, and if I forget to drink water, it's really fine.

But now, I have to be real careful with what I eat, and also to make sure I don't abuse my vocals...........

But hey, the fact that life comes with some mysteries makes it more exciting.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering whether I should buy a mic. Boon three also uses one. But then again, I'll feel rather odd to be using one in class


sotong said...

take great care my dear Taco!

iwannasoar said...

I will Pachi ^_^