Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remember TechnoSphere?

In those days when we ruled the world, we used to play with this web game call Technosphere. It allows you to create and breed your pets online, afterwhich, you can monitor their lives via the site. You'll see where your animal roams, and hunts. Most of the time, they will eventually form their own family trees....... and sometimes, they or their children get killed. Other times, they hunt down other animals.

It has been years and the site, together with the animals has been forsaken.

Today, I got a surprised in my inbox. The site actually sent me an email, updating me about how my online pets have been doing after all these years......... Hahahahaaa. Many of them are still alive and doing fine. In fact, the family has grown. The creatures has reproduced and multiplied over the years. Sure brought by fond memories as I looked down the list of creatures I've created.

Here's the family tree of one of my online creatures.

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