Saturday, July 07, 2007

How To Kapok Your Sister's Eyelash Curler

If you wanna own an eyelash curler without buying it, here's four simple steps to do that:

Step One: Ask you sister if you could borrow her eyelash curler. Tell her you need it for your prom

Step Two: Use it for your prom. Takes lots of photos to distract her

Step Three: Keep her eyelash curler away from her for as long as you can. She'll forgets it eventually and the curler will be yours to keep

Step Four: If by any chance your sister remembers that eyelash curler, this is what you can say

You: Oh yah, anyway you don't need it right.......... since you haven't been using it for so many months.........

Sis: Yah lah...... hmph. Then you keep it lor.

That's how my sister kapok-ed my eyelash curler :P

Grin, not that I really mind, but since she's free and happy now, I've got to tease her about something


bOonEe said...

heee.... =P

iwannasoar said...

guilty right