Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Have Been Tagged :)

I have been tagged by Mrs!
Here goes the list of 7 random things about myself:

I lived my early childhood in a farm. I had a personal cat and many dogs which I claimed were mine. I gave them individual names.

I often jump into trains going the opp direction. There was once, I discovered I was in the wrong train only when I was like miles away.

I love dolls, still played with dolls during my poly days, keep a few dolls currently and often toy with the idea of starting a doll collection.

I'm a fan of sashimi and medium raw steaks.

I love taking long walks, especially when it's away from the busy city. I love my path to be sandwiched by rows of tall trees. The best moments are when leaflets start falling from the trees. Occasionally, I see some butterflies fluttering across my path.

I still say, the best things in life are free.

I am toiletphopic. I don't dare to wash toilets.

I dance badly


Mrs. said...

hahahaha so funny... gd one!!!

sotong said...

lol.... now i know next time go K what to do liao muahahaha.....

Mrs. said...

erm... juz curious... Since u r TOILETPHOBIC, wat happens when u r urgent?

iwannasoar said...

Pachi, naughty naughty

iwannasoar said...

Mrs, you also naughty naughty