Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Taboo Questions

In her latest blog entry, one of my dear sis talks about a topic so close to my heart that it inspires me to blog about it.

The topic for today is, the list of questions I wish no one would ask. I'm sure many would identify with how we're feeling. Here goes the list:

1. When you having bf/gf ah?
2. When you getting married?
3. When you having a kid?
4. When you having your second kid?
5. When you having your............. number whatever kid?
6. When's your son/daughter getting married?
7. When's your daughter/daughter-in-law giving you a grandchild?

Honestly, I can never comprehend, why would anyone ask such questions? Because I don't see the logic for doing so. Firstly, it is quite apparent that many of the answers are in fact, not fully within our control. And it makes people awkward trying to justify or explain such things. Personally, 1 am so against such questions because they are really very personal.

My friends know how private I am, so usually, they won't touch on such things. Hence, I often get these questions from people whom I just got to know or from some real distance relative whom I can barely recognise. Therefore, I really have issues when they ask me such things. I really feel like saying, "Thanks for your concern about something so personal in my life, even though I just got to know you 15 mins ago" Grin

I have been asked so many times that I no longer entertain them, hence, my usual responds will be really frank. And it goes like this:

Me: I really don't wish to discuss that.

But to my greatest disbelief, the people who started such topics wouldn't take my hint and went on and on about the why......... and why you should and urgh

Like I say, we really should be sensitive towards others and not talk about such personal things unless the person is seeking for a listening ear.

I mean, wouldn't a discussion about some recreational activities more enjoyable and relaxing for both parties?

For questions to break the ice, I really appreciate something like:

"So, what are some of your hobbies?" or "What's your favourite pop group?"


sotong said...

hmmmm, think is like that one.... got a number of gatherings (frens/family) that i dun wana go cos they keep asking whether i got bf liao anot, etc etc...... :(

iwannasoar said...

yah lor, I also got to siam these pep all the time :(