Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Than A Dream Come True

This is the moment of her life. My lovely mom, dressed in an angelic robe stood on stage as she awaits her turn to get baptised. The entire family was so excited, busy capturing this special moment on cameras.

It has been a really memorable as well as touching event. All my life, I have been praying for this moment. I prayed that someday mom will come to know God. That is why, witnessing this moment is very special to me. I mean, this is an answered prayer right before my eyes. I feel so moved when my mom got baptised.

I have learned, as long as we don't give up, as long as we persever, we will eventually be able to live our dreams. We will accomplish the things we really really want.


Mrs. said...

so happy for u... i share your joy, really.

One day, mine will, too.

iwannasoar said...

Thanks Mrs :D

I'll also be sharing your joy in time to come ^_^