Thursday, August 23, 2007

Memories of College Life

Sorry Boon2, to steal this entry from you. Just that I got rather nostalgic after reading your entry, can't help but really feel like penning down some memories of my college life here:

- I remember checking out my dream college with Boon2. Lucky us, the then principle came and talked to us personally for a long time

- I was taught by a real local artist and had the best times of my college life in the art studio. I remember hiding in the art studio to do my tutorials while waiting for the next class. My friends always have a hard time trying to find me

- I got to know some of the best people in that studio. They have coloured my college life in the best possible ways.

- I was selected to represent my college in a pre-u event. The selection interview was intimidating, with the principle, vice principle and many HODs asking me lots of questions.

- We had many dogs in the college.

- I was the club treasurer.

- In a skit, I played a school girl buying ice-cream from an uncle. I got the most numbers of NGs because I simply couldn't stop giggling when it was my turn to speak.

- For some reasons, I love the locker room. I hid all my thick books in there

- I used to raise the flag during morning assemblies

Small fish, you wanna blog about this too? Think it'll be fun


Mrs. said...

hey i rem the dogs!!!

iwannasoar said...

haha, think it's one of the signature traits of the school