Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Precious Tool

On mc today because I'm nursing a hurting throat. That's an important tool for my livihood, got to take real good care of it.

Isn't the twists and turns of life interesting? I've never imagine that some day in my life, I have to treat my throat with such delicate care. In the past, I would eat anything I want, and if I forget to drink water, it's really fine.

But now, I have to be real careful with what I eat, and also to make sure I don't abuse my vocals...........

But hey, the fact that life comes with some mysteries makes it more exciting.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering whether I should buy a mic. Boon three also uses one. But then again, I'll feel rather odd to be using one in class

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remember TechnoSphere?

In those days when we ruled the world, we used to play with this web game call Technosphere. It allows you to create and breed your pets online, afterwhich, you can monitor their lives via the site. You'll see where your animal roams, and hunts. Most of the time, they will eventually form their own family trees....... and sometimes, they or their children get killed. Other times, they hunt down other animals.

It has been years and the site, together with the animals has been forsaken.

Today, I got a surprised in my inbox. The site actually sent me an email, updating me about how my online pets have been doing after all these years......... Hahahahaaa. Many of them are still alive and doing fine. In fact, the family has grown. The creatures has reproduced and multiplied over the years. Sure brought by fond memories as I looked down the list of creatures I've created.

Here's the family tree of one of my online creatures.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Real Cold Jokes

Thanks to all the cold jokes I told Pachi yesterday, I woke up with a cold today. Been sneezing since last night........ sob

I've been thinking and collecting cold jokes lately, but only one has effect. The rest all not funny..........

Had a really good time catching up with dear Pachi, still as bubbly and cheerful. Ate nice dinner at a nice place. Oh yah, all the waiters had the same name........

We did some last min shopping before the shops closed, and we saw many many cute stuff in Action city.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Hair Day

It's one of those days, I call them bad hair day....ewwwwwww

I used to change my hairstyle during every bad hair day. I'd head for the salon to either change the cut, colour or perm. And right now, I feel like changing my hair style............ grin............

hope that I'll wake up to a better hair day tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm leading worship during CG........ Haha.......... so I'll be carrying my big guitar around
Life is a cruise to nowhere until you find your direction

Monday, July 16, 2007


This weekend has been unexpectably enjoyable. Spent lots of time with family, especially fish, grin. We finally had that much awaited breakfast which we've been talking about :)

These few days I've been hunting around for new clothes, but din managed to find anything I like enough to buy.

Oh, the other day I bumped into someone I haven't met for a long long long time. Chat a little and was really surprised that she knew the latest things going on in my life, like job and stuff... I nearly freaked out.

Probably someone told someone who told someone who told her.

Erm....... abit scary. Because I'm a rather private person, I dun like news to spread

Friday, July 13, 2007

First Week Of School

TGIF :D Tomorrow's saturday, so it kind of concluded the first week of school.

How has this week been......... as the usual story goes, my dear students are still warming themselves up. Can understand, because after having a long break, takes a while to get used to school again.

As for me, I have been very excited about the new term. Excited to see my students' smily faces .................. and bringing them to higher grounds.

Last sem has been really great. Every of my teaching moment is joyful because I saw how my students improved as the weeks went along. They did some really good work and I'm so proud of them. I see in them potentials............. I can imagine that someday they'll become successful people in the industry. It will be my greatest satisfaction, to know that I have groom them well, and developed their potentials.

It is so interesting, because most of the time, people are really more capable then they think they are. Therefore, my job is to help them see what they're capable of becoming.

New school terms always brings new promises ^_^

Harry Potter

Warning: This entry contains spoilers, please do not read if you have not watched the show.

I knew beforehand that sirius black would die. However, I was still rather sad when I watch that part of the show. Then again, he's an important character, even if he were to die, should make have made it more dramatic, at least let him die in the hands of a powerful character............ duh

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Looking forward to attending church tomorrow :) Tomorrow's gonna be a lovely Sunday

Hmph, maybe I should wake up especially early to have a slow and relaxing breakfast. So that I can slip my coffee instead of gulping it.

Oh yah, talking about that, last week, we were rushing through breakfast before Church service. At the bus stop, Mag's bf walked passed us and teasingly said," Mang mang chi........" then he grinned and walked off.............

Gosh, that was embarassing ............... I was too embarassed to even asked him where's Mag


That's today's today's date, just think it's cool

How To Kapok Your Sister's Eyelash Curler

If you wanna own an eyelash curler without buying it, here's four simple steps to do that:

Step One: Ask you sister if you could borrow her eyelash curler. Tell her you need it for your prom

Step Two: Use it for your prom. Takes lots of photos to distract her

Step Three: Keep her eyelash curler away from her for as long as you can. She'll forgets it eventually and the curler will be yours to keep

Step Four: If by any chance your sister remembers that eyelash curler, this is what you can say

You: Oh yah, anyway you don't need it right.......... since you haven't been using it for so many months.........

Sis: Yah lah...... hmph. Then you keep it lor.

That's how my sister kapok-ed my eyelash curler :P

Grin, not that I really mind, but since she's free and happy now, I've got to tease her about something

Meez Online Doll

If you have notice, the online doll my right panel changes all the time......... the backdrop, clothings and actions changes all the time............. That's my mood indicator, show how I'm feeling for that day......... cool huh.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I saw BumbleBee!!!! As in the Transformer BumbleBee!!!!!!!

I saw a yellow car right in the middle of an wide open field carpeted with green grass. Apart from a crane which was placed near it, there was nothing in that field, no trees, no human........ Isn't it strange, a pretty and new looking yellow car in the middle of nowhere?

So it must be BumbleBee. Isn't that cool..............I should have waited longer, maybe it would turn into an alien robot.

Disclaimer: Please know that this certainly isn't real, I mean, I did see the yellow car in the field, but it's certainly not a Transformer (though I wish)............ just having a little fun with my imagination. And by the way, BumbleBee is my favourite character in the movie.

Viva Pinata

Still remember my previous entry about my pinata gardens? Here's more. Have been on this 360 game for quite a while. It's a rather kiddish game, but what made it so delightful is the cheerful graphics and adorable characters. Therefore, playing with this game is always a pleasant experience. Expect more pinata pictures in my blog :)

The most beautiful house in the game belongs to Leafos. It has got branches growing from it and a bee hive attached.

This lovely hut is where the horses used to stay before they became residents of my garden. The tree you see there is the gem tree.

Some pond plants. The purple duck-like pinata is a mutant.


That's the fierce lady who runs the stores.

This is Seedos, really silly old guy who loves seeds and has this special ability to turn himself into dust when needed.