Sunday, August 26, 2007

7 Memories Of School Days With Mrs

Thanks to Mrs message, I thought it'll be fun to write about my school days with her, let's see what we have:

1. Mrs taught me how to play the guitar in school.

2. We used to run a CF together. Once a students whom we didn't know popped by and joined us. Those have been really great.

3. We were always rushing work.

4. We sat near a fellow classmate who was real messy. She had dried mushrooms in the drawers and under the desk........... EEeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :P

5. Whenever I needed a break from all that serious brainstorming, I'd shift Mrs's pencil case and stuff around her desk. Just to disturb her.

6. Mrs kicked my butt once.

7. I used to paste a large paper on my table so that I can doodle on it. Mrs saw some of those and wanted me to do some doodle for her.

Those days has been hectic, but fun. I guess what really added to the joy has been the good friends around. We should have taken more photos back then, so that we can look at them now.

Well it's never too late. At least we're taking more pictures now, like our swiss rolls......... grin. Someday in the faraway future, I believe we'll appreciate these pictures

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gyming Again

I'm a little reluctant to hit the gym today. After two weeks break, I've sort of lost the gyming momentum........... Furthermore, the weather is so cold today, it just feels like the perfect day to sit in the couch for a few games on my 360.

But I know I have to gym today, no matter what, even if it means dragging myself there :P :( :0

Now, where's my running shoes and stuffs

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check Out This Deer

Memories of College Life

Sorry Boon2, to steal this entry from you. Just that I got rather nostalgic after reading your entry, can't help but really feel like penning down some memories of my college life here:

- I remember checking out my dream college with Boon2. Lucky us, the then principle came and talked to us personally for a long time

- I was taught by a real local artist and had the best times of my college life in the art studio. I remember hiding in the art studio to do my tutorials while waiting for the next class. My friends always have a hard time trying to find me

- I got to know some of the best people in that studio. They have coloured my college life in the best possible ways.

- I was selected to represent my college in a pre-u event. The selection interview was intimidating, with the principle, vice principle and many HODs asking me lots of questions.

- We had many dogs in the college.

- I was the club treasurer.

- In a skit, I played a school girl buying ice-cream from an uncle. I got the most numbers of NGs because I simply couldn't stop giggling when it was my turn to speak.

- For some reasons, I love the locker room. I hid all my thick books in there

- I used to raise the flag during morning assemblies

Small fish, you wanna blog about this too? Think it'll be fun

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


One of my dear sis asked me how come I'm not having a tagboard. Hmmm.......... initially I didn't want my blog's right panel to have too many items. Then again, well, why not, if it adds convenience ^_^

So here we are, I've added a tagboard to my blog. Feel free to comment :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday, FCBC

We were in for a surprise when we reached church today. The urshers were distributing balloons and stuff because it's the church's 21st anniversary. During the service, the video footages they show brought back lots of beautiful memories. As I watched it, I suddenly realised, I have walked a pretty long distance with the church.................. I really thank the pastors for imparting such fine teachings and wisdoms.

A large part of the way I think and reason is crafted by the great wisdoms imparted by these wise people. I'm truely thankful, because they have really taught me the way to handle problems, situations........ and also how to handle people. Most of all, I have learned to love and care for others, to have a geninue concern about the well beings of others.

I can only say, I'm very blessed.........

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pasta I Made

Lala and me were so fasinated by the packagings we saw at a store. The product packagings make the food they contain seems better than they really are. We were busy drooling over the cookies and chocolates. Too bad I just recovered from sore throat and Lala is still having sore throat, we couldn't eat these tempting but heaty food.

Decided to have some fun making Pasta for dinner. Check out the results, not that bad huh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Than A Dream Come True

This is the moment of her life. My lovely mom, dressed in an angelic robe stood on stage as she awaits her turn to get baptised. The entire family was so excited, busy capturing this special moment on cameras.

It has been a really memorable as well as touching event. All my life, I have been praying for this moment. I prayed that someday mom will come to know God. That is why, witnessing this moment is very special to me. I mean, this is an answered prayer right before my eyes. I feel so moved when my mom got baptised.

I have learned, as long as we don't give up, as long as we persever, we will eventually be able to live our dreams. We will accomplish the things we really really want.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Have Been Tagged :)

I have been tagged by Mrs!
Here goes the list of 7 random things about myself:

I lived my early childhood in a farm. I had a personal cat and many dogs which I claimed were mine. I gave them individual names.

I often jump into trains going the opp direction. There was once, I discovered I was in the wrong train only when I was like miles away.

I love dolls, still played with dolls during my poly days, keep a few dolls currently and often toy with the idea of starting a doll collection.

I'm a fan of sashimi and medium raw steaks.

I love taking long walks, especially when it's away from the busy city. I love my path to be sandwiched by rows of tall trees. The best moments are when leaflets start falling from the trees. Occasionally, I see some butterflies fluttering across my path.

I still say, the best things in life are free.

I am toiletphopic. I don't dare to wash toilets.

I dance badly


Love this installation at the cinema
I'm in a movie mood lately, but there isn't too many shows I'm excited about........ hmph.

Out of the shows I've watched recently, the only one I've really enjoyed is The Simpsons Movie. Thought it's realy funny. I was laughing away throughout. But there really isn't much to watch now........... I feel like heading for the movies later, but what shall I watch?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Taboo Questions

In her latest blog entry, one of my dear sis talks about a topic so close to my heart that it inspires me to blog about it.

The topic for today is, the list of questions I wish no one would ask. I'm sure many would identify with how we're feeling. Here goes the list:

1. When you having bf/gf ah?
2. When you getting married?
3. When you having a kid?
4. When you having your second kid?
5. When you having your............. number whatever kid?
6. When's your son/daughter getting married?
7. When's your daughter/daughter-in-law giving you a grandchild?

Honestly, I can never comprehend, why would anyone ask such questions? Because I don't see the logic for doing so. Firstly, it is quite apparent that many of the answers are in fact, not fully within our control. And it makes people awkward trying to justify or explain such things. Personally, 1 am so against such questions because they are really very personal.

My friends know how private I am, so usually, they won't touch on such things. Hence, I often get these questions from people whom I just got to know or from some real distance relative whom I can barely recognise. Therefore, I really have issues when they ask me such things. I really feel like saying, "Thanks for your concern about something so personal in my life, even though I just got to know you 15 mins ago" Grin

I have been asked so many times that I no longer entertain them, hence, my usual responds will be really frank. And it goes like this:

Me: I really don't wish to discuss that.

But to my greatest disbelief, the people who started such topics wouldn't take my hint and went on and on about the why......... and why you should and urgh

Like I say, we really should be sensitive towards others and not talk about such personal things unless the person is seeking for a listening ear.

I mean, wouldn't a discussion about some recreational activities more enjoyable and relaxing for both parties?

For questions to break the ice, I really appreciate something like:

"So, what are some of your hobbies?" or "What's your favourite pop group?"

Thursday, August 02, 2007

7000 words

Whoever said the female species has to speak 7000 words a day to fulfill her emotional needs might be wrong after all. For the last three days, I barely spoke. Wanna make sure I get a full recovery this time round.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The medicine power.......... makes me feel very drowsy. Feel like I'm floating when I stand. Dun feel like doing anything serious today, but I'm beginning to feel bored.